Part Masters

Part Masters...

Geometrically perfect...

Whether your running parts on a CMM, verifying an automated inspection cell or checking run out on a piece of balancing equipment... Having a part master gives you the assurance that your measurement tools are giving you "true readings".


Load your part master on your inspection equipment


Analyze your results


Gain confidence in your processes and your product 
Part Type Masters are used extensively in the automotive industry. Typically used on shop floor inspection equipment as artifacts that reference the equipment, typical applications are: rotor, drum, connecting rod, camshaft, piston and crankshafts.
Almost every variable gage in use has a part master associated with it .
All masters are made out of Tool Steel, hardened to 58-62 RC and double stabilized. Chrome plate is available (not used in areas where carbide probes touch the master). In cases where the gage might be used in a corrosive environment, 440-C Stainless Steel may be used. Certain tight manufacturing tolerance applications may need min., mean and max. condition masters for greater accuracy when setting the gage fixture.
Our Engineering department will be pleased to review your part master needs.

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