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November, 2017

GSG visits ABTech Inc. at the grand opening of their new facility in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire.  ABTech has offered GSG great support  adding to our roundness and runout calibration capabilities. 

Whether it’s company, client, or community... Like GSG, ABTech believes feeding relationships, drive success. 

ABTech strives to make every interaction better by focusing on collaboration, learning, innovation and the well-being of all our stakeholders. 

GSG Congratulates ABTech on their growth, a testament to what great services brings.

Made in the U.S.A. - ABTech Statement:

Every product we sell exemplifies our company-wide commitment to "Pride in Precision" craftsmanship. To that end, all of our products are designed, manufactured, and tested exclusively by ABTech at our Frizwilliam, New Hampshire facility.

To visit ABTech and learn more about what they can do for your company, Click on the link below.

October 2017

GSG receives patent approval on it all new Chamfer Gage. With interchangeable ends  the GSG Chamfer Gage can check any angle and virtually any size. Go from .125" to 7.500" in 20 seconds measurement to measurement with the most accurate chamfer and countersink gage on the market.
To learn more click below.

GSG Chamfer Gage


GSG names Gerald Rye as our new Plant Manager for our Erin, TN facility. Gerald started his employment with GSG in February 1978 and with many years of service he has worked in many areas of our manufacturing floor. From those experiences he has gained extensive knowledge in our products. As Plant Manager, Gerald will be responsible for all activity ; daily management of all departments, coordination of plant operations to include production & pre-production along with logistics at our GSG TN - Erin, TN Facility.
Gerald's commitment to quality and the continuous growth and prosperity of GSG has always been prevalent. Because of this, GSG is proud to announce his promotion.  

MAY, 2017
GSGHosts Eastec in Springfield, MA. with great success. GSG utilized the show to introduce our newly released Thread Seminar Videos which explain the history of threads, the different functions of threads and the variety of applications that threads are used in manufacturing.

APRIL, 2017

GSG CT Purchases a CNC Excetek Hole Popper to offer faster turn around on our products. Acquiring this unit has allowed GSG to keep more work in-house in an effort to better control our manufacturing processes.
Having this capability in house allows our Gage Makers to manufacture carbide products faster when used in conjunction with our WEDM capability.
Having a full CNC capability also allows us to program and run a multitude of product in the same setup, reducing manufacturing time further.

MARCH, 2017

GSG purchases (2) new Excetek WEDM units to replace its aging Mitsubishi line. 
Fanuc based with one of the best threading features on the market, we are able to hold remarkable tolerances with these units.

Great Video filmed at our GSG Connecticut Facility highlighting manufacturing in CT.
GSG actively works with surrounding trade schools like Goodwin College to promote manufacturing. We realize the importance of getting younger individuals interested and involved.  


GSG hosts a booth at ITMS in Chicago, ILL.  Highlighting GSG Thread, Cylindrical & Surveillance Products the show was a great success!
The show served as the launching platform for the "new" GSG Chamfer Gage.
Thank You to all of our loyal Distributors who help join in and a special thanks to the FactoryLink who helped man the booth.
We look forward to the next show in 2018 and hope to see you there!
Set your calendar for September 12th - 17th. 
Above Photo: One of our "Partners in Business" Erik Iverson of Chicago Dial Indicator 
GSG President, L. Stephen Prout and Mike Freauf, President of Crescent Gage in Rowlett, Texas

MAY, 2016

GSG Applies for a Utility Patent on it new Digital Chamfer Gage. The GSG Chamfer Gage feature detachable anvil ends which allows users to check multiple feature with one gage. Made in 4 standard angles along with custom angles, each anvil is also available in standard and custom diameters. 
As the most accurate and versatile chamfer gage on the market,  GSG once again has delivered a product that coincides with its commitment to provide high quality and accuracy.

GSG CT Purchases a HAAS VF-5 with a full 5 axes capability and Continuous Milling .
This capability allows GSG to better service its customers by increasing capability and decrease the amount we rely on outside services
To support this new capability, GSG invested in CamWorks to serve as our partner in providing streamlined programming from our SolidWorks Cad Platform.
Combined, these two systems help us take the shortest tool paths with precise movements.


GSG CT Purchases a MicroVu Visual Measuring Unit. This capability allows GSG to measure important features that would otherwise prove extremely difficult. 
In addition to this, it allows our lab tech's to measure lower tolerances feature quickly and efficiently. 
Everyday our lab tech's are finding more ways to utilize this technology to better serve our customers. 
Charted reporting on multiple features in one setup helps us provide quick turnarounds for our customers.

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