GSG - QuikChek's

GSG QuikChek's are used to calibrate Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). The QuikChek provides an easy periodic check on the CMM to ensure it is within calibration and providing you with accurate readings. In addition it provides a more volumetric inspection of a CMM than the traditional ball bar.

The QuikChek is your mechanical assurance of CMM accuracy. The QuikChek's are constructed of 440c stainless steel hardened to Rc 60-62, stress relieved and triple stabilized . Supplied with certification and case.

The GSG QuikChek's come standard in both 8.00" & 16.00" models

Special sizes available, please contact factory for more information.


Optional wood storage box by Gerstner™

A Gerstner & Son is a testament to the fact that American craftsmanship can be the finest in the world. Protect your GSG QuikChek with a custom fitted hand crafted wood storage box. Not only will the Gerstner storage case look good and help protect against moisture, members of your quality department will handle the GSG QuikChek with extra care when storing it. 
Gerstner hand crafted boxes are available for all GSG 8" Quikchek models.
Ask a GSG customer service representative for more information.
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GSG QuikChek file download area
We have made our standard QuikChek files available for down load so you can quickly load them in your CMM unit for programming. If you need files for custom QuikChek's please submit your request below. 

For more info on the GSG QuikChek's

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