GSG Zero Spindles

GSG Zero Spindles
Zero Spindles are a complete inspection system for inspecting concentricity, squareness, roundness, and diameter.
Precision spindles to less than .000025" T.I.R.
Precision arbors for internal locating plain, threaded and spline diameters.
Precision chucks for internal and external location plain and threaded diameters.
Precision magnetic and tapped hole face plates.
Everything you need to build you own Zero Spindle inspection fixtures.
Our Zero Spindles are:
ACCURATE: - To less than .000025"

RUGGED: - Sturdy enough for the production floor, needs no pampering.

VERSATILE: -Combine with arbors, chucks, face plates, lead locks and specially designed fixtures.

ECONOMICAL: - Laboratory accuracy on the shop floor.

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