Thread Gages Explained - Seminars

GSG Distributor Portal - Understanding Thread Gages
Thread Basics

An introduction into the Thread Gage world

American Inch Threads

An introduction into the history of the American Standard Thread. A helpful resource to understand how threads and thread fit come into play.

Metric Threads

The basics on the Metric Series thread gages and fit is determined.

Step Plug Gages

Important for sealing applications in plumbing applications, the GSG step plug seminar explains how our step plugs gages are utilized.

GO - NOGO Thread Gages

In this section we discuss plug gages and how they interact with the parts they are checking

Thread Set Plug Gages

What is the difference between the two sides of a thread plug set

Pipe Threads

How do they work? A brief explanation on the way pipe threads form tight seals
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